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December 10, 2008

The Nikon D3X: Keep Your Pants On

nikon_D3X.pngThis seems like an odd time for a heavy hitter debut like this... nevertheless Nikon has just unveiled its latest pro-level DSLR, the Nikon D3X. How many megapixels, you ask? How about 24.5! Add a couple zeros to that and we're guessing that's the price too... ISO range covers 50 to 6400 and there's a 51-point auto-focus. The 3-inch LCD supports LiveView, shutter lag time is practically nonexistent at 40ms. Camera also features dual memory card slots, which is pretty important when you think about those megapixels. If that's not enough, the body is magnesium and the shutter a Kevlar composite, so this machine is hard to mangle. No word on exact release date or price yet.

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December 5, 2008

flickr Friday: First Snow

flickr_firstsnow.jpgThis would be a day we'd regret forgetting our sunglasses. It's a windy and icy day in the ski town of Feldberg, Germany. Perhaps most of us haven't had the first snow yet this season, but get ready! Taken with a Nikon D50. You can see more work from Vermario at Flickr.

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December 4, 2008

Review: Printstick PS910 Mobile Printer from PlanOn

planon_printstik910.jpgOkay, so the Printstick PS910 from PlanOn is a pretty interesting device. While not a photo printer by any means, we thought it was worth checking out since we are a little fascinated by mobile printing. Printstick only supports PC and Blackberry smartphones, so MAC and iPhone folks are out of luck here.

The point of this device is to allow you to print on the go--more for business travelers than personal use. So you're stuck in an airport and need a document right away--an email, a proposal, directions, concert tickets, the latest photo of your new puppy, etc. This is especially ideal if you rely on your Blackberry on the road--that screen is tiny when it comes to reading a PDF or other documents!

Quality is good for the purpose, but think of it like a fax output--grayscale only and plenty of dots. This is printing for the here and now, not to archive or put in albums. The paper straightens nicely after printing (some roll paper remains incessantly curly) and it prints about a page per minute. The sound of the Printstick is a little odd. Imagine a half dozen 6-inch high horses galloping across your desk in stilettos. It's more a humorous noise than anything, so don't worry about it. planon_printstik910_2.jpgComes with a carrying case, battery, AC adapter/charger, retractable USB cable and one paper cartridge (20 pages). There's also a user guide and software CD. You connect to your laptop of Blackberry via Bluetooth or USB 2.0. Streamlined padded case makes it easy to stow in a briefcase or laptop bag and use on your lap. As always Amazon has the best price--Printstick PS910 for $285and PlanOn PS 901 Paper Refills for $21.

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December 3, 2008

A Print of Your Own: With 3 Great Ink Jet Printers from Epson and HP

We'd like to highlight a recent article by MacWorld on three ink jet printers worth consideration this holiday season. (These printers are of course compatible with PCs.) Remember that you'll need to keep investing on quality ink and photo paper to get the best quality results. That's how they get ya.
hp_deskjetD2545.jpgHP Deskjet D2545 Green Printer ($35)
A basic and affordable desktop ink jet printer that will satisfy your typical household needs, from printing term papers to party invitations to family photos. In addition, this printer is made up of 83% recycled plastic. Features are basic, but for many folks, all you need. No LCDs, memory card slots or functions like faxing or scanning.
epson_PMzoom290.jpgEpson PictureMate Zoom PM 290 ($230)
A great pick for a portable printer, PictureMate spits out 4x6 photos (and smaller) in 60 seconds for about 25 cents a print--all at lab-quality. The built-in CD burner is what really sets this apart from the other portable printers, though, so you can immediately dump your shots onto a CD, or collect other people's shots. Paper and ink packs ($35)make for one of the more budget friendly ink jet situations.
epson_stylusR1900.jpgEpson Stylus R1900 ($450)
When you're serious about archival quality (85 to 200 years) and large format (up to 13x19) you can print some beautiful 7-ink, pigment-based photos with gloss optimizer. This printer isn't great for much regular document printing (term papers, etc.) -- it'll do it, but you'll be wasting fancy ink and tiring out your printer.

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December 2, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho it's the Wedge: NEW Digital Picture Frame from GiiNii

giinii_wedgedigiframe.pngHere's a new design for the digital picture frame world, the wedge. Perhaps most appealing to those who enjoy platform shoes and other chunky, bold objects. We like this styling though, it's different and functional, although be warned it does make the frame a decidedly table-top frame since it would look mighty odd protruding from your wall. Here are the stats and you'll find it shipped for free from Amazon for $79.95.

- Widescreen 7-inch screen with 800x480 screen resolution
- 512MB built-in memory plus port for most memory cards
- USB port connects to most cameras and PCs
- Supports audio (MP3, WMA) and video (JPG, AVI)
- Clock, calendar, slideshow and zoom functions

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December 1, 2008

November 2008 Monthly Roundup for PictureSnob

monthlyroundup.jpgThe heat is on for the holidays, economic hardship or not. The photography gift of this holiday season is definitely digital picture frames. While many scoff at these devices, we admit that the digital frames have grown on us as their functionality and design has improved and the price point has dropped. While there are many great choices out there, if you can afford it, go for wi-fi features and do not be wooed by cheap prices on unestablished brands. There are some great picks in PictureSnob's Holiday Gift Guide.

If you're not in the market for a digital picture frame, check out the best digital cameras under $250, digital cameras for kids as well as photo software and photo printers.
canon_SD1100IS.jpgProduct of the Month: Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
Featured among the best compact digital cameras under $250, we have the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS (Amazon $160). The 8 megapixels are ample for most of us and the features we need most (3X optical zoom, image stabilization) work great on this camera. The rechargeable battery, 2.5-inch screen and direct-to-printer features just top it off. Check it out.

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November 28, 2008

flickr Friday: The Columned Mall

flickr_columnedmall.jpgIf you're one of those headed to the malls today (why we ask, why) this photo is for you. A popular mall in downtown Amsterdam with ornate columns and beautiful detail... almost makes us want to go shopping. Almost. Taken with a Nikon D2X SLR. You can see more work from Stuck in Customs at Flickr.

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November 26, 2008

Best Digital Cameras for Kids: Say Cheese!

vintageFPkidscam.jpgKids love taking photos. And we've come a long way since the now vintage Fisher Price camera above. Sigh. Digital is great for kids--instant gratification and no costly film development or film to load. Below you'll find 6 excellent camera options for kids--and hopefully they'll leave your precious camera alone once they have one of their own!

fisherprice_kidscam.jpgFisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera ($90)Durable and easy for little hands to hold, you can find this camera in blue and pink. 8MB of built-in memory plus SD memory card slot, 1.3-inch LCD preview screen and photo-editing software. Requires 4 AA batteries. Read our previous coverage here. Ages 3-6.

digitalworld_kidscam.jpgUncle Milton Digital World Kids Camera ($80)Again, the stealth child will appreciate this camouflage-styled digital camera. Kids can hang this weather-resistant camera from trees and capture wildlife in action with the time-lapse mode and motion sensor. 32MB of built-in memory plus SD memory card slot and 1-inch LCD preview screen. Requires 4 AA batteries. Ages 8 and up.

vtech_kidscam.jpgVtech Kidzoom Digital Camera ($60)This camera plugs directly into your TV or PC, allowing you to view a slideshow of junior's photos and videos. 16MB of built-in memory plus SD memory card slot, 1.8-inch LCD preview screen and photo-editing software. Requires 4 AA batteries. Available in blue, pink and orange. Ages 3-6.

disneypixclicks.jpgDisney Pix Click 2.0 ($40-50)This camera offers a 1-inch LCD screen for viewing shots and the ability to add images of favorite Disney characters to photos. Available in a variety of Disney themes like Hannah Montana, Tinkerbell, Cars and Pirates of the Caribbbean. Built-in memory holds over 300 photos. Requires 2 AA batteries.

jazz_underwatercam.jpgJazz Underwater Flash Digital Camera ($38)If you've got a water baby on your hands, send him out for a swim with this 1.3-megapixel digital camera. Works in depths up to 9 feet and is equipped with video capability and a flash. 8MB of built-in memory holds 312 photos. Requires 2 AA batteries. Can't wait to see that sea monster!

wildplanet_spycam.jpgDigital Spy Camera ($18)Okay, grown ups might get a kick out of this as well, but now your little recon enthusiast can don these sunglasses and push the secret button to take photos. The picture quality is weak, but it's about the mission not the evidence! Requires 1 AAA battery. Ages 8-12.

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November 25, 2008

T-Mobile and Parrot Cameo: Dial Direct to Digital Picture Frame

tmobile_cameo.jpgSo if you have a T-Mobile phone, they will happily sell you the Cameo digital picture frame (made by Parrot) which has its own phone number so your family and friends can send mobile photos directly from their phones to your frame. How about that. The frame is $100 and the service $10/month--purchase through T-Mobile Stores. Now, mind you that Parrot, among others, have digital frames that already connect to mobile phones(any kind) over Bluetooth. This won't help your sister send you a photo of her puppy's new galoshes any time she wants but it will help you get mobile photos on your digital picture frame without a monthly service fee.

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November 21, 2008

flickr Friday: Brooding Turkey Foreshadow

flickr_graveyardturkeys.jpgWell this is just creepy. Probably just a quiet, wild turkey walk on Thanksgiving Day to honor their fallen peers. What they need is some Wild Turkey. Taken with a Nikon Coolpix. You can see more work from Chris Seufert at Flickr.

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